flint house

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Flint House


Flint House, commissioned by Jacob Rothschild, is a unique, award-winning concrete framed residential project. Hidden on a 7,000 acre estate in the Chiltern Valley, Flint House is RIBA’s House of the Year 2015.

Designed to nestle into the surrounding landscape, this project incorporated a number of distinctive features, including a natural stream diverted to run through the building itself. It’s unique design makes the building appear to be bursting from the earth itself.

flint house


Claywood House


Built for R. Durtnell & Sons (the oldest builder in the Western world, established in 1591). The new 5-bedroom home, set within a beautiful orchard, has been designed to meet the needs of a client with limited mobility to create a home that allows her to live independently. We undertook work on the foundations, retaining wall and swimming pool.

Marine Drive

The Witterings

Basement in a luxury beachfront home, for West Sussex carpentry and building.

Fir Lodge

1-storey waterproof basement for a luxury 5 bedroom home in a prestigious Wentworth estate for Applegate homes.

Sandy Hill

Surrey Hills, Cranleigh

Hidden in the side of Winterfold hill, we constructed a 30 car underground garage and 4-storey hillside luxury home.

Russell Hill


Waterproof underground car park and retaining wall for 16 high-end residential apartments for Mantle Developments.

Amroati House


Construction of a bespoke, irregular-shaped concrete staircase for Maisons Developments.